Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

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Own Multifamily
No Cost
LED Lighting
Let us connect you to utility incentives
which may include some
no cost LED lighting measure
upgrades to select customers*.
*If you own a multifamily structure with
5 or more units, you may be eligible.

LED lighting is a rapidly
evolving technology
that produces light
in a whole new way.

Reduce energy costs - uses at least 75%
energy than incandescent lighting,
saving on operating expenses.
Reduce maintenance costs lasts 35 to 50
times longer than incandescent lighting and

about 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting. 
No bulb-replacements, no ladders,
no ongoing disposal program.
Reduce cooling costs - LEDs produce
very little heat.

Who We Are

At IDL, we carry the torch as one of the industry’s premier lighting  experts. We even won conEdison’s award for most kWh savings of the year. But our services extend far beyond the installation of environmentally responsible bulbs and fixtures.

What We Do

  • Evaluate your current energy usage
  • Identify and recommend a plan to increase efficiency
  • Implement a customized energy efficient plan to provide you maximum savings.

Why Us

IDL secures all your rebate funds prior to installation. This means lower  upfront costs, zero paperwork, no receipts, and no hassle for you. our in-house team takes care of all the paperwork and collects directly from Con Edison and other utilities leaving you with a average cost of no more than 50% of the total project